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International Virtual Escapades

Following on from our Virtual Escapades badge which provides activities for four virtual residential experiences over the year, International Virtual Escapades is all about getting units planning a virtual international experience while growing an interest in world Guiding.

It is linked it to the programme as much as possible but we want to get girls talking about where they would like their unit to go for an international experience and perhaps run the trip virtually during a unit meeting or a residential event.

Girls can complete the badge in each section and hopefully increase their interest in World Guiding and international opportunities along the way.

Follow the links for the challenge for each section.

International Escapades – Rainbows

International Escapades – Brownies

International Escapades – Guides

International Escapades – Rangers


Virtual Escapades

This challenge is open to every member of the county and anyone else who wishes to take part.



Girlguiding North Yorkshire North East County are very keen to keep the enthusiasm from both girls
and leaders alive until we can all meet physically again.

For that reason we are proud to launch our Virtual Escapades event. We are aware that there are
no residential events happening at the moment and sleepovers, camps, holidays and international
trips are a huge part of Girlguiding. It may well be some time before these events can safely take
place again and in the meantime we are encouraging members to have residential events in their
own home.

We are organizing four very flexible residential events which can be run from home at
a time to suit your family and your commitments.

Virtual Escapades is an event of four “windows” which will run from August 2020 until the end of
2021 at least.

It is an event for girls and adult volunteers to do at home and with their families if they
wish. You don’t have to do all the windows if you don’t want to, it is entirely up to you, the badge
will work with just one window!

The four windows are:

Camp/Holiday (complete by the end of September 2021)
Bonfire Night (complete by the end of November 2021)
Christmas Fun (complete by the end of December 2021)
Thinking Day (complete by the end of February 2021)

You are welcome to think out of the box though and complete the windows at a different time of the
year if you wish. You could have a Christmas event in the summer or a camp in the winter. Why
not have an upside down year!

All the activity packs are now available on the county website (see links below) or direct by
email (see top of page) or post on receipt of an A5 sized stamped addressed envelope from: Virtual
Escapades, Rigg House, Sutton, Thirsk YO7 2QE. Feel free to upload pictures and comments on
our Facebook page (with parental permission).

Each “window” will also have a “sleep somewhere other than in your own bed” element which
will enable participants to earn nights away towards the North East England Sleep Away badges
(see further details on this in the Initial Information file below)

Each “window” will have a walking element to encourage girls to get outside and explore either
their local area or countryside further afield and this will count towards the Girlguiding North East
England Step Out badges (see further details on this in the Initial Information file below)

Virtual Escapades initial information 2021 (1)

Thinking Day Window

Christmas Fun window activities final

Bonfire window activities 

Camp and holiday window 2021

Virtual Escapades risk assessment 1