No matter how much time you have to give, there’s an opportunity for you.

Find your place in our team of inspirational women, sharing their skills and passions with girls in a local unit – all while benefiting from the adventure and opportunities guiding has to offer.

For more information on the different ways that you can volunteer with Girlguiding, please see the main Girlguiding website here: https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/get-involved/become-a-volunteer/

To register to become a volunteer, please click the link here: https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/get-involved/become-a-volunteer/register-your-interest/

Choose from these hands-on volunteering roles that make guiding happen

These roles working directly with our young members are ideal for someone who is just starting their guiding journey.

Unit Leader

Get creative, have fun and be an inspiring role model to girls and young women. As Unit Leader, you’ll be responsible for running the unit, leading a team, and planning and delivering a high-quality programme of activities and events.

This is a key role that works directly towards the aims of Girlguiding. If you’ve got what it takes to be a Unit Leader, we want you!

Unit Leader role description. 

Assistant Leader

Give essential support to the Unit Leader in running the unit, and have plenty of fun as Assistant Leader. You’ll share responsibility for delivering an engaging programme to your girls by helping to plan and deliver meetings, events and activities.

Make the most of this great opportunity to work directly with young people, get to know other volunteers and contribute to the smooth running of a local unit.

Assistant Leader role description.

Unit Helper

If you’re enthusiastic about great guiding, then you’ll make a perfect Unit Helper. You’ll provide valuable support to the Unit Leadership team. There’s no responsibility for planning or carrying out the programme in this role but you’ll be key in providing the extra help needed to make unit meetings and events happen. Plus, you’ll get to know the girls and other volunteers, and be part of the Girlguiding community.

Unit Helper role description.

If you are unable to help every week there are still ways to get involved. As a Unit Helper you can also just help at a unit from time to time or on a temporary basis. This is a great opportunity for flexible involvement, sharing the responsibility of providing extra help with other volunteers or parents. Give your time to make girls and young women in your unit smile. Or you could help at residential activities that need some extra adult supervision. You’ll help make an exciting trip for the girls even more special by giving much needed practical support and making sure everyone has fun and enjoys the residential experience. Plus you’ll go to some new and interesting places!